On-Demand Webinar: Critical challenges that Physicians are facing during the Pandemic



We are pleased to invite you to access our webinar, “Critical challenges that Physicians are facing during the Pandemic – Data from a Large-Scale Study in Latin America”, organized by Fine Research jointly with  The Pharmaceutical Marketing Group.

Diego Casaravilla, CEO of Fine Research, talks about the results of this unprecedented work, with contributions from Laura Craig, VP, Client Success, Delvinia and Cozete Gelli, Qualitative Analyst, Fine Research.

The aim was to understand the main challenges faced by doctors in the midst of the pandemic. The research completed at the end of May 2020 involved large-scale fieldwork in 16 countries in LatAm, interviewing more than 5,000 doctors.

The main opinions and challenges facing professionals in the region have been analyzed, grouped into three main axes; evidence on the pandemic, impact of the pandemic in their professional work and future scenarios.

You will discover answers to:

– What are the new challenges for doctors?
– How has the number of patients changed?
– How has the current context impacted doctors emotionally?
– How has patient adherence changed for Cancer, HIV or Diabetes patients?
– How empathetic have pharmaceutical companies been?
– What future scenarios do HCPs imagine will be likely to happen?

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