Fine Panel is the largest healthcare resource in LatAm for HCPs with over 70,000 active members and a recruiting database of over 500,000 profiled professionals.

We currently source all major physician panels, and dozens of market research agencies specialized in healthcare.


Our qualitative team does not only reach all kinds of HCP professionals but also patients and hard to reach segments such as national and state payers, hospital purchasers, etc.

Our service ranges from TDIs or online communities run remotely to IDIs and Focus Groups run on our own premises, centrally located and fully equipped with latest technologies and Focus Vision videostreaming.


Healthcare is the company main specialty. We provide a team of fully qualified bilingual professionals trained in healthcare research, pharmacovigilance requirements and international project management.

Its Senior Project Managers have been trained in major global healthcare forums in which we are actively engaged (EPHMRA, PMRG, PBIRG, etc.).

We cover all critical targets such as HCPs, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, market access national payers and/or hard to reach patients.

Services include:

◆ Online Surveys
◆ Mobile Surveys
◆ IDIs
◆ TDIs

◆ Focus Groups
◆ Own qual facilities with Focus Vision
◆ Online communities