FINE launches Patient Panel

As the leading regional healthcare panel with over 90,000 opt-in professionals, we have made a step forward to respond to the increasing demands for patient centricity.

Our panel cover patients with conditions that are hardly reached by other means including (among others):

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • HIV
  • Hep C
  • Psoriasis
  • Chron
  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Hemophilia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Solid Cancer
  • Leukemia
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Diabetes

The recruiting strategy combines a proprietary specialized online panel with supplementary ad hoc approaches as needed (i.e. patient association agreements, hospital and clinics on-site recruiting, social media, professional and peer referrals).

The patient panel is strongly focused on Brazil, while in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru we are mainly working based on an ad hoc recruiting strategy and have started building local panel capabilities.

For more details please write to Fabiola Suarez, our patient specialist at:


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FINE`s CEO appointed Programme Committee Chair for ESOMAR LatAm 2019

As a long term supporter of ESOMAR Latin American events, we are happy to have been part of the Esomar conference held in São Paulo, Brazil on April 7-9th, 2019.

This market intelligence festival featured business insights, innovative methodologies, big data driven strategies, customer centric approaches, and the latest research technology.

As a company that endorses ESOMAR´s values, we are particularly proud that our CEO, Diego Casaravilla, has participated as Programme Committee Chair for this edition, also cordinating several panels with the participation of Coca Cola, Facebook, Fox, Oi Brasil and Clarin Newspaper

As in previous years this festival had been a landmark in the region for good quality research.

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Learning about the latest European Standards in Switzerland

Our colleague Lorena Romo, who coordinates our HCP Panel team, had the nice opportunity to participate in the European Pharmaceutical Marketing Research conference held in Basel, Switzerland.

The event was useful for us to learn about the latest trends around patient centricity, new methodologies and also the highest standards around privacy and GDPR.

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FINE releases large survey about preparedness for natural disasters in the region. See the video

During ESOMAR LatAm 2018, Javier Reznik and Florencia Rojo (from FINE, Argentina) and Mariana Valdez (from Save The Children, Mexico) co-presented a video detailing a large joint initiative (conducted throughout the Americas), researching preparedness and priorities regarding natural disasters. The initiative was also supported by Reckner who recruited in the USA and Canada, and Confirmit who waived the software license costs.

The video was also exhibited during the Intellus Worldwide conference in Philadelphia.

Click here to watch the video about this probono initiative.

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FINE Releases Report about the Future of Healthcare in the Americas. Free Download!

During the last ESOMAR LatAm event, we presented our report on the Future of Healthcare involving over 2,000 interviews with HCPs in 18 countries in the Americas (i.e. comparing LatAm and the USA). The report summarizes critical hopes and fears of the practicing professionals regarding new technologies, patient access and the future of the medical profession. It also details which technologies are expected to be more relevant in the future.

Click HERE to download the report.




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FINE exhibits and presents in Philadelphia, USA at the first Intellus Worldwide summit

It was great to participate at Intellus Worldwide´s very first industry event, after the merging of PMRG and PBIRG last May.

It was a good event with lots of things to learn and for us it was also an interesting experience, since we had the challenge of presenting our recent project about preventing natural disasters in the Americas -at the “demonstration zone”- in merely 5 minutes!

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FINE Panel donates over 2,000 personal hygiene kits to Guatemala volcano victims

As requested by the Save The Children mission in Guatemala, we have launched a campaign to ask our medical panel to help in raising funds for the victims of the recent tragic volcano eruption in Guatemala, during 2018. FINE Research was asked to provide a donation in the frame sending out a short survey, sponsored by us. In merely one week, our panel responded very positively, collecting the equivalent of over 2,000 personal hygiene kits, which were delivered to Save The Children. We want to thank all of the doctors for their quick and enthusiastic reactions!

Save The Children has also asked us to share the following thank you note.


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FINE exhibits at the 2018 ABEP Conference in São Paulo

It was an interesting experience to have our team recently participate in the leading Brazilian conference! Quiz of the day is: which kind of services were we promoting at the event?

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FINE proud to have had an active role at ESOMAR LatAm Fest

It was a pleasure for us to get involved in this recent, high quality conference. Not only did we sponsored the event, but we ran a workshop about the future of healthcare. Javier and Florencia were selected to present research about LatAm preparedness against natural disasters. Further, our CEO Diego (part of the conference programme committee) chaired a very interesting roundtable on Artificial Intelligence applied to market research, with the participation of executives from MetLife, PepsiCo and Netquest.

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FINE promotes the usage of donation incentives in the market research industry

An initiative conducted by FINE with the collaboration of Reckner and Confirmit was launched to support victims of Hurricane Matthew. At the same time, we engaged panel respondents, driving attention widely in the industry.

News and articles were published at EphMRA, the ESOMAR Foundation, RW Connect, Research News, and other online sites.

How Market Research Assisted Hurricane Matthew Victims

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