ESOMAR includes Fine Research as an example of response to COVID-19 crisis





Amsterdam, April 1, 2020

ESOMAR issued an statement named The role of Data, Research and Insights community in supporting global crisis and post-crisis management of Covid19 measures.

It included a number of relevant recommendations and detailed a few examples of members who, be they large globally renowned agencies or local boutique agencies, are working tirelessly to increase insight and understanding of how the world around is being changed by the Covid19 outbreak. This research is, and will be, invaluable to facilitate and enable government and business leaders to evaluate and take effective decisions that strengthen public trust and confidence, overcome the crisis as quickly as possible, and reboot our economies.

Those examples included the 7 selected cases of actions taken by Ipsos, YouGov, Kantar, GfK, KASI, PEW , and Fine Research.

Regarding FINE, the satement details as follows:

Supporting Latin American healthcare systems with intelligence and insights

FINE Research is a leading independent data collection company in Latin America. It runs several panels which address healthcare professionals in Latin America and as a result is well placed to support the health care profession in these countries as they prepare for the Covid-19 pandemic progress through the region.

FINE Research has been using its evidence-based medicine information tool, mailing capabilities and survey community platform, to provide updated information on COVID-19 to the Healthcare community. It has offered free of charge research for any initiative coming from public ministries of these countries in order to ensure that health-care professionals are taking decisions to prepare for and mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 on Latin American healthcare care

FINE Research runs and funds an ongoing COVID-19 Monitor, with a first wave run on nearly 1000 physicians in 4 Latin American countries (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina) specifically on the status of the healthcare system itself to determine what should be the action plan for decision-makers.

The research identified that a focus is needed on improving hospital infrastructure and citizen awareness of the symptoms and prevention strategies, establishes evidence of a probable underreporting of diagnoses of Covid-19 showing the need of an urgent expansion of the testing capability, and a higher physician support of policies in countries looking to implement strict lockdown measures to contain the spread of the virus.

The full statement is available here