The future is here: Esomar Director General, Finn Raben, interviews Fine´s CEO


June 2021

Esomar, the largest world association of research professionals, is running  a few interviews with leading researchers all over the world in a series of episodes called “THE FUTURE IS HERE”. 

The proposal is to “Join ESOMAR’s Director General as he explores with business leaders from around the world how the future of business is being shaped by COVID-19 and how they prepare for a post-COVID-19 world. How are companies preparing for the digital transformation?”

The first episodes included interviews with Joris Hiusmanm, (Managing Partner of SKIM), Chris Farquhar (Managing Partner of Cimigo) and Joy Uyanwune (Global Marketing Director at Decision Support).

On June 4th, Esomar released EPISODE 4, in which Finn Raben, ESOMAR´s Director General interviewed Diego Casaravilla, CEO of FINE.

The discussion covered a number of topics including:

– How long will it be before we get “back” to pre-Covid levels of business?

– Change in client demands and expectations

– Meaning of the “age of platforms” in our industry

– Changes to team and business work practices

– Advice to researchers and young entrepreneurs when looking at LatAm

Check the full interview in YouTube