Fine distinguished with an Outstanding Achievement in Insight & Research Award for Third Consecutive Year



  New York, NY, Oslo, Norway, and London, UK —December 12th, 2021— FORSTA announced the winners of the 2021 AIR (Achievement in Insight and Research) Awards. The annual AIR Awards recognize FORSTA customers committed to innovation and the advancement of the Market Research industry. 

We are extremely proud to share that for third consecutive year, Fine Research won an Award in the AIR Project & Innovation category. The company is so far the only LatAm company that has won an AIR award 

2021 edition was evaluated by an impressive crew of judges who included Fiona Blades (MESH), Simon Chadwick (CAMBIAR), Shannon Danzy, (WEARERALLY), Natalie Samuel, (COLOUR OF RESEARCH) and Kristin Luck, (SCALEHOUSE) who is currently ESOMAR president. 

“I am delighted to congratulate Fine Research as a 2021 Forsta AIR Award winner for their proven excellence in insight and research. Fine Research ’s dedication to provide exceptional guidance and actively deliver significant value to their clients is a credit to their team. The global research and insights industry is driven by the energy of these organizations and we are proud to partner with them as they continue to deliver some of the most innovative research approaches in the industry” commented Kyle Ferguson, CEO at Forsta.

In 2020, we also got very positive comments and the judges said: “Great insights and important work. Fine Research has a great partnership with Save the Children and ESOMAR Foundation. They have approached this in the right way – no incentive. This is an excellent case study!”

Diego Casaravilla, CEO of Fine Research added “We are very sure that these recognitions to our work will be a strong motivation to all and every team member to continue committing to excellence as the most adequate possible response to these uncertain times.”