Fine´s CEO, named as a Legend by Insight250



We have been delighted and honoured to learn that, Fine´s CEO, Diego Casaravilla, has been selected for the inaugural Insight250 Legends honor.

The announcing message from Insights 250 detailed:

“Over the last three years, Insight250 has reached tens of millions of individuals, featuring leaders and innovators across the insights and market research industry worldwide. The new Insight250 Legends honor insight industry experts who have made long-standing, indelible impacts on the industry and beyond through leadership, commitment, or other contributions.”

As shared in the enclosed picture all nominees had their name  laid, in a star, in pride of place at the entrance to the ESOMAR Congress in  Amsterdam.  A ballot followed the nomination and the legends were voted by over 20,000 members of the industry.

Diego shared: “I am thrilled to have been named an Insight250 Legend in the inaugural edition of this prestigious award!  Trying to figure out how I end up here, I feel it as a recognition for representing the passion for quality data collection work in our corner of the world. And more than just a personal achievement, but the result of the collective efforts of our team at Fine Research. “

The list of Insight250 Legends recognized remarkable industry leaders also included:

Fiona Blades, Simon Chadwick, Melanie Courtright, Tom De Ruyck, Ben Page, Caroline Frankum, Dan Quirk, Pravin Shekar, Sir Martin Sorrell,  Urpi Torrado, Alain Mizrahi, Mariela Mociulsky, Alejandro Garnica, Claudio Flores Thomas, Patricio Pagani, Laura Ruvalcaba, Jane Frost CBE Stephan Gans, Michelle Gansle, Colin Strong, Wim Hamaekers, Alex Hunt Sinead Jefferies, Sally Joubert Ed Keller, Umesh Kumar, Christian Kurz, Nikki Lavoie, Bon Lederer, Jean-Marc Leger, Pete Markey, Ronald Abold, Seyi Adeoye, Dangjaithawin (Orm) Anantachai, Paul Baines, Nick Baker, Zak Mitali, Sharmila Das, Lucy Davison, Chowhan, Justine Clements, Tony Costella, James Endersby, Chris Farquhar, Brian Fine, Andrea Rademeyer, Vijay Raj, Imogen Randell, Elaine,Rodrigo, Zoe Ruffels, Danny Russell, Aileen Te Tan, James Turner, Kingsley Wheaton, Grace Yu, Andy Zhao