Healthcare Research in Brazil and Argentina – An EphMra webinar run by Fine



London, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires,  October 2022, 

Is it possible to use an English speaking moderator  in Brazil? How can you access patients in Argentina?   What is unique about the healthcare systems in these countries? 

These and many other queries were addressed during a webinar hosted by Bernadette Rogers  (European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association- EphMRA), with content prepared by Bianca Zappiello (Fine Brazil) and Florencia Rojo (Fine Argentina), in order to expose the main challenges and opportunities when researching these markets. 

 Content included discussions around

    – Healthcare Systems

    – Telemedicine

    – Virtual fatigue and drives towards in-person connections

   – Hints and tips for global market researchers

The event triggered many question in the final Q&A section, showing the interest of global researchers to better understand the local cultures and associated  implications for their research designs.

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