COVID-19: Sharing HCP Survey comparative data in 4 LatAm countries



March 25, 2020

We would like to share results of an initial survey on COVID-19 that we have carried out between March 21 and 23, with 959 Healthcare Professionals from Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

The main lessons are

There is a high positive assessment of Argentina’s more restrictive initiatives to contain the pandemic, followed by Brazil, with an intermediate evaluation for Colombia, and a  negative evaluation of Mexican doctors regarding the policies developed in this country.

Training levels for diagnosis and treatment are high in all countries,  especially in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.

The most critical points in the 4 countries for professionals are the lack of preparation of the hospital infrastructure to face the pandemic, and to a certain extent the need to improve further population awareness.

The relevant  difference between patients treated with positive tests and those with compatible clinical symptoms provides evidence of probable high under-reporting  of the disease and the recommendation to rapidly expand the testing capabilities in all countries.

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We thank Ipsos Brazil Healthcare for supporting the co/creation of the questionnaire and sharing of results.

We remind that in the context of the emergency, Fine Panel offers its community of health professionals and its research services free of charge for any project related to COVID-19 to the national health authorities of Brazil, Mexico,  Colombia  and Argentina.

For any research need, write to

Finally  we want to share a direct access developed by our colleagues at DynaMed  that offers updated medical evidence based information on COVID-19

This resource has already been distributed through our panel to over 400,000 practicing healthcare professionals in Latin America with very positive feedback.