COVID-19: Making Our Community Available




We invite fellow researchers, national and international authorities of the health system, medical associations, the media, related NGOs, and health professionals, to propose questions for our new regional collaborative medical evaluation on COVID-19 in Latin America.

Deadline – May 6


– Evidence that can contribute to the medical community that is relevant to face the pandemic, based on their experience with patients (treatments, testicles, patient profiles, etc.)

– Evaluation of public initiatives and of the different actors.

– Impact of COVID-19 on the medical profession and future of medicine


– The information will be public

– The collaborating organizations will be named in the final report.

– For reasons of space, and time limit, not all suggested questions might be included

We await your contributions, writing to Florencia Rojo,

As part of this program, we completed a data collection in Latin America to support the needs of the University of Birmingham Clinical Immunology Service, in an initiative to improve diagnostic testing for COVID-19 antibodies.

We have also developed three monitoring waves over COVID-19 for public dissemination of large-scale data, surveying thousands of doctors in 13 Latin American countries.

LAST MEASUREMENT – WAVE 3 – Fielded in 2nd half of April

Monitoring, evaluation of test capabilities, treatments, patient profiles and WHO evaluation

In this measurement focused on Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, the monitoring of key variables is updated, analyzing the availability of  tests (results, reliability and delivery times) comparing with data from other regions.

The treatments implemented, drugs used, profile of outpatients and hospitalized patients were also evaluated.

Finally, the contribution of WHO and the reasons for such evaluation were also assessed.



WAVE 2 – Fielded in first half of April

Monitoring, risk of resource collapse, and future prospects

This wave analyzes the assessment by physicians of the policies implemented by national states, detailing the measures that gain greater support, the involvement of the population against the pandemic, the evaluation of hospital infrastructure detailing potential risk of collapse of different resources by country, and finally the physician perspective of the future.

You can access the full regional report in English,  Spanish and Portuguese

This wave was supported by Ipsos and Datum.


About this programme

This programme  is funded and carried our by Fine Research´s Latin American HCP regional panel with the support of Save The Children (Mexico), Confirmit (Oslo) and The Esomar Foundation (Amsterdam)

For any research need related to this initiative, please write to




ESOMAR (Amsterdam)

Telam  (Argentina)  Agencia  de Noticias del estado

Diario Clarín (Argentina)

Diario Clarín (Argentina)

Pagina 12 (Argentina)

Codigo Salud (Argentina)

El Economista (Argentina)

O Globo (Brasil)

Exame (Brasil)

O Vale (Brasil)–diz-pesquisa.html

Portal Hospital (Brasil)

SEGS (Brasil)

Ipsos (Colombia) 

Proceso (Honduras)

Excelsior (Mexico)

La estrella (Panama)

ABC (Paraguay)

Gestion (Peru)

El Observador (Uruguay)–202048184157

La Diaria (Uruguay)

Diario Libre (USA)

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